Spy On Your Website Visitors & Know EXACTLY what they want.

Most Powerful Analytic Tool For Your Business

Dear Website Owners,Are you having one of these problems?

Low Conversion Rate?

People are not buying your product/services?

You don't know what to fix on your site to improve conversion?

Know exactly what visitors and customers are thinking when they are on your website?

Stop GUESSING what your visitors want!

Instead of guessing what they want,  See exactly what they want by tracking EACH of your website visitor's move.   You will know EXACTLY WHAT you need to change to maximize your conversion.

Presenting "My Analytics"

MyAnalytics gives you the FULL Picture of what's really happening on Your website, so that you can convert better than ever.

Individual Tracking

Track each visitor individually to see how they arrived on your site,  how often they come back and if they made took an action. 

This lets you optimize and understand your conversion flow so you know exactly what's working and what's not working.

Uber Heatmaps

 Heatmaps can be used to show where users have clicked on a page, how far they have scrolled down a page, or used to display the results of eye-tracking tests.

This lets you make changes or optimize your pages to help you convert better.  No more guessing around or asking your grandmother for suggestions.

Session Replay

Session replay is the ability to replay a visitor's journey on a web site or within a mobile application or web application. .Session replay helps improve customer experience and help identify obstacles in conversion processes on websites.

This is like having a camera on the shoulder of your website visitor and tracking how they are interacting with your website.

Invite Teams

The teams feature enables you to create a team and assign specific website(s) & invite developers, marketing agents, etc .

This will make working on your website conversion goals even easier by bringing your team over.

With MyAnalytics,  You Will Be Able To:

Know EXACTLY what your visitors want

No more guessing,  Make changes that matter

Convert Your Websites BETTER Instantly

Make EVERY Visitor COUNT,  No more traffic waste

You will INSTANTLY become a BETTER Marketer

We let 50 of our clients take MyAnalytics For A Spin For 60 Days.

Here Are The Results:

my shopify store is converting 21% better after i found issues with conversion using myanalytics.
-  Rick A.

i could replay everything my visitors were doing on my site.  This helped me improve my sales pages.
-  Brent L.

Satish offers something,  i buy first and ask questions later.   this was a no brainer purchase.
-  Mr & Mrs. Belinda

I love the heatmap feature let lets me analyze my all elements of my coaching program website.
-  Uri P.

TRY It Without Any Obligations For 32 Days

We are so confident that MyAnalytics will help you improve your conversions & put more money in your pockets.   We will back this claim with 32 days no questions asked money-back guarantee.     Use MyAnalytics without any limitations for 32 days & if you think it doesn't add value to your business,  then simply reach out for your 100% money back.

                                No questions Asked  -  We  will still love you for giving it a try.

Simple Pricing That's Affordable


Unlimited Personal

Unlimited Reseller

MyAnalytics Unlimited Personal
MyAnalytics Unlimited Reseller

Unlimited Personal Account lets you use the platform for your websites without any restrictions with all features.
Unlimited Reseller will allow you to use it for your own websites AND also lets you sell individual accounts to your clients & charge them one time or recurring fee.  Manage their account.  You will also receive sales materials to help you sell.

NO Bullshit OTOs

We are ONLY offering CREDIT/DEBIT card Payments for this product because of the low price & On top, PayPal Holds our payments for 30 days stopping cashflow.   All Payments are processed by STRIPE & Authorize.net. We do not receive Card information at all.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Will it work on my website?

Yes.  It works with ANY website.  WordPress, HTML, PHP,  Shopify, ClickFunnel, Pageu... Everything.

Will it make my website slow?

No.   This will load at the end and has ZERO effect on your website load time at all.  Guaranteed or your money back. 

What if this doesn't workout for me?

No problem.  If you don't make your investment back within 32 days,  you can request a full refund without any questions asked.

Is there any upsells after I make the purchase?

No.  There are no Upsells.  Once you make the purchase, You will receive access information instantly via email.

Will it track people on any device?

Yes.  Any desktop, mobile, tablet.  It will track people from any operating system or device.

Doesn't Google Analytics do the same thing?

Nope.    Google Analytics just gives you Numbers,  it doesn't tell you WHY, HOW, & What to fix.   On top,  Google Analytics doesn't provide you will all the tools we are offering.

You have 32 Days To Try This Without Any RISK.    Use it as much as you like & If you feel this is not right for you or doesn't add value.  Simply request a refund.

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