I have spent $403K on FB Ads & I want to Teach You FB Marketing.

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  • Your Potential Customers Are On FB
  • Use the skill to offer Ad management
  • Get certified at no extra cost
  • Start advertising as low as $5 
  • Much affordable vs Google Ads
  • Generate Leads & Sales on DEMAND

Topics Covered:

  1.   Introduction to FB Ads
  2.   Ad Types & Which one to Choose
  3. Targeting  Ads on FB
  4. Advertising Terminology
  5. Setting up FB ads Account
  6. Advertising Structure
  7. Choosing Ad Campaign

7.   Identify Audience

8.    Keeping costs VERY low

9.  Refie Audience with "Interest" 

10.  Refine with "Behavior"

11. Budgeting 

12.  Creating Ad creative

13.  Manage Placement

14.  Placing Ad Order

15.  Measuring analytics

16.   Creating Ad Reports for clients

17.  Installing Pixels

18.  Using Retargeting

19.  Methods of Conversions

20.  Scaling your ads


"Boosting Your Post on FaceBook is NOT FaceBook Advertising"

In fact,  when you "Boost" a post,  you are pretty much wasting money.  This is Facebook's way of making money from "NOOBS".       Learn to REALLY advertise on Facebook &  You will master the game!


Your Purchase Includes  Seat For Second PERSON for NO EXTRA COST.      They will appreciate it.       They will have their OWN logins/access separate from yours.  They will also be eligible to take an exam and get certified.

Certification Exam

At no EXTRA cost, you will have an opportunity to take an exam via our third party partners.  Upon passing grade, you will receive a certification.

You will receive 5 Attempts to pass the exam.

This Course INCLUDES a Certification Exam.  

What Others Say:

Your FUTURE Customers Are On FaceBook. Master A Skill That Will Serve You For LIFETIME!

You will INSTANTLY Get ACCESS to the training & Resources RIGHT AWAY via Email.  Also can attend LIVE QA SESSION on MARCH 10th.


Satisfaction Guaranteed 

Upon completion of the training, If you TRULY feel that what you learned didn't add $20 worth of value to you.  You are more than welcome to request a refund.

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