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BREAKING NEWS -  We Just Added Four New Features

Works On Any Device

Works On Any Website

Customize Everything

WordPress, HTML, PHP or Any website.  It Works.

Customize colors, sizes, settings with just 1 click.

Capture Pro Works on all devices & browsers.

Three Types Of Lead Capture

 Full Screen Capture

This lead capture displays a full screen opt-in in full frame, this will get visitors attention.

Great way to force information, giveaway, event on people's face when they are on your website , blog etc.

Scroll Capture Box

You can set the "%" that person has to scroll before this pop up shows up on the side of the screen.

For Example,  After person has finished scrolling down a sales page,  blog article.   It's a gently way to ask for their email.

Really Good results on Mobile devices as well.

Inline Capture Box

You can Insert this lead capture in between articles, end of articles or wherever you want it to show up.

Just paste the code & Lead Capture form will show up there.

New Extra Features Added! ( Included with All Past Purchases & New Purchases )

Top Float Bar

This lead capture float bar will appear on top of your page & will allow you to capture leads.

Best Used on Blogs & Other places where you want to grab attention of the user.

Share Buttons

Make it easy for people to go viral by adding Share buttons on your website.

Adding this will allow your visitors to share your page on their favorite social media. 

Widget Settings Has Been Enhanced Now With Another Two Features

Two Extra features has been added to the software.

#1. Phone Number Fields

#2.  Ability to Redirect after lead capture

Download Leads Or Push Them To Your AutoResponder

Don't See Your Auto Responder?  No Problem!  You can Download & Upload Leads With 1 Click

You Can STILL Use CapturePRO If you have another AutoResponder!  Just Download Leads & Put It on Your AR.

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Use A Debit/Credit Card For Your Purchase & Get FREE Premium WordPress Theme ( $47 Value )

We save on processing fees when customers use debit/credit cards, so we are passing savings on to you.  PayPal is welcomed but no bonus.

Payment is processed by, We do not handle card data at all.  100% Secure & Safe

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CapturePRO Unlimited Reseller

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